Cancun, Mexico

Few places on earth have been so blessed by the miracles of nature, with breathtaking scenery on land and sea. In Cancun, at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula, the main attractions are the spectacular cool white sand beaches, crystal clear waters, and Caribbean breezes. For beach lovers and enthusiasts of water sports and underwater explorations, you have found paradise.

The hotel zone has grown to include endless modern attractions and entertainment with international restaurants, nightclubs, shopping centers, golf, and water parks, most of which are a comfortable walk or short taxi ride from one of our outstanding resorts.

Cancun offers the best from two worlds, coupling the magnificent Caribbean with the rich flavors of Mexico. Take a taxi into downtown Cancun to visit “el Mercado for great deals on handcrafts, from souvenirs to real works of art. Stop by a local restaurant for fresh seafood, try the Mayan inspired cochinita pibila (marinated pork so tender that melts in your mouth), or order some authentic tacos. The local beers are excellent and often accompanied by a lime wedge and salt.

The surrounding area offers countless underwater treasures for scuba diving and snorkeling. Even for amateurs or non-swimmers, take the ferry to El Garrafon, a nature park in Isla de Mujeres, where you can just walk into the gentle waters and see colorful tropical fish swimming at your feet. Snorkeling gear is available for rent for magical views just a few feet from the beach.

Ancient archeological sights are within a few hours drive and are too precious to miss. Visit the Mayan ruins of Tulum, overlooking the sea, and Chichen Itza, with stone carvings and art which reflect the heritage of the Mayan and Toltec civilizations that reigned here over 1000 years ago. These locations inspire wonder with their spiritual and mystical quality and amazing structures. The Xcarat Eco Theme Park is a natural grotto set into a tropical jungle, where man has helped Mother Nature create yet another unique experience during your visit to Cancun.

This is a destination that you will never forget and it will call you back many times.